Will syncing my Iphone / Ipad to itunes result in all my songs, apps and other settins getting deleted?

Recently had to reinstall my OS (Win 7 Premium).
I have songs and apps on my iphone that I dont want to lose. If I resync my phone to itunes will I lose everything?

I have bought the apps and songs from Itunes. So my hope is that everything will be restored.
Also I dont want to lose my setting like how I have organized my screens etc

Can you explain what I can expect when I sync my phone to itunes. Itunes is a fresh intall because I reinstalled my OS on the same computer that had Itunes before.

Any free software to backup some of the songs on my iphone that I did not purchase from Itunes? I dont have a backup!
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Anything you have purchased from itunes will be restored, but since you will be technically syncing the iphone/ipad to a "new" system, it will delete all of the apps/movies/books/songs from the device, and resync them based on the settings that you have for the device in the new itunes.  The resync should not affect any of the other settings you have on your phone such as email accounts and contacts.  The resync should only affect itunes content.

There may be a few ways that you can copy the stuff off of your phone before you do the sync again.  I have read that www.winamp.com can either do it, or can do it when using one of the plug-ins available for it.  It is worth checking out.
rgu380Author Commented:
I have my iphone backed up to the cloud (icloud). Will that in any way help?
No, not really.... the backup is good for if you loose or replace the phone, but doesnt help much for restoring iTunes.  
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Because your Windows installation is fresh, this new iTunes installation's library is also new.  Your iOS devices are expecting to see your old library, so syncing your iOS devices will require that they perform an "erase and sync" - basically removing all of the data on the phone an the syncing it right back on.

To ensure that you don't lose any apps or songs, connect your devices to iTunes using the USB sync cable.  Find the device in the source column on the left (under the heading "Devices") and right click on the name of the device.  In the pop up menu, choose "Transfer Purchases".  This will transfer any purchased items from your device into iTunes, and when you erase and sync, they will be available to sync back to the device.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to save any app data (just the apps themselves).  The outcome there being if you had every level cleared on a game, you will start the game over again from the beginning.  Apps like Facebook and Twitter will just require you to log back in, but games will take a hit.

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rgu380Author Commented:
Thanks ishcabittle!

I have downloaded a podcast with 129 episodes (Paid podcast).
I have been able to download the podcast to my new itunes installation.
Is there a way for itunes to import my playlists from my iphone. I had organized these podcasts into several playlists.

Also, I realize that my apps will be restored but I am guessing itunes will not be able to sync the way my apps were organized on various screens. I have lots of apps and it took me time to organize them.
Unfortunately the order in which you organized your apps will need to be reconstructed. There's no way around it, if you want to begin syncing to this new iTunes library.

With the playlists, we'll have to turn to an application that will recover playlists from your device, iTunes doesn't offer a native playlist recovery option when switching libraries.
A good rip application that I've had a lot of luck with is iRip:

rgu380Author Commented:
Final question on this topic: Will photos stored on my iphone get deleted when I sync (Itunes fresh intall on PC & OS reinstaled) ?
They will get deleted from the phone as soon as you tell iTunes to sync photos with this new Library, nut only the photos in the Photos app.  The Camera Roll will remain untouched.

That said, import the photos in your Camera Roll before syncing photos as a precaution.
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