edit a shortcut in windows 7 to runasadmin

How can I edit a shortcut using batch that makes it runasadmin, similar to right-clicking and putting a check mark in it (attached).  

Thanks in advance!
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You can use the runas admin command from a dos prompt.

Alternately you can use a utility called runasspc
icecom4Author Commented:
What I need to do is "edit" the shortcut using a batch script.  This will be one of the many fixes included in a single batch script.  

So the end user will not be running a command line, after applying the batch just once, the shortcut will be ready to run as admin among other things.  
icecom4Author Commented:
Perhaps I can make a batch that replaces the shortcut altogether with one that has elevated privilages.  

Do shortcut permission settings transfer to other accounts/computers?  
icecom4Author Commented:
Scratch that last question, the answer is no.  
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