Trend line.

Hi Experts,

Please look at the attached Excel file.

It represents sale success rate (1 = sale and 0 = no sale) plotted against budget allocation over or under spend. How can I plot a trend line to show the correlation of amount spent to sales success. Common sense tells me that there is never a zero or definite chance of success so the answer is going to be non linear. Sales.xlsx
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If you plot the excell date you are not going to get a trend line. If you put sucess on the y axis you will just get a horizontal line going between 1` and 0.
Just exactly what does the first column represent. To me over or under leads me to expect a + or -.
DColinAuthor Commented:

The first column represents the the amount over or under budget spent to get the sale. Each sale is allocated a budget of 20,000 if exactly 20,000 is spent perusing a sale then 0 will appear in the first column. If 18,000 was spent then -2 if 23,000 was spent then +3. If you look at the bottom of this column you will see the negative spend amounts.
Thanks for additional info on first col.
You still will not get a useful curve if you plot the two columns directly. Try
Divide the $ col into bins, each bin 4 units wide centered on 0, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 (and the corresponding numbers <0). Count a true as 2 and a false as 1 and get a total for each bin. Plot on x axis the bin center and y axis the total points in bin. A better y axis value would be points/number in the bin.
Show the curve. It might be linear (but probably will not be.) It will show you some information and might support additional statistical analysis.

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