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I replaced a hard drive on a Toshiba laptop that was running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. When I try to install Windows it says it is loading files, then starting windows, then failed to start: \windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt. I tried 3 different discs and got the same result. I cleaned the discs, burned a new disc, did a full format on the hard drive from another PC, tried an external DVD player (which wasn't recognized) and got the same result. How can I fix this?
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What is your source for Windows? Is it a DVD you purchased or a download you purchased?

For DVD's, call Microsoft Support and get it replaced.
For Downloads, ensure you have the receipt and licensing and download it again. If you get numerous bad discs from one download (as it appears above), you got a bad download.

....  Thinkpads_User
I have run into this with a bad stick  of RAM as well.  I would run memtest and verify that there are no issues with the RAM.  You could also try to remove all but 1 stick of RAM and see if it will install.
Anuj BhatiaIT Infra Manager

Hey Buddy .. tell me one thing do you still have any old hdd on the computer there cud be a possibility that if you have one the OS is picking that as a bootable drive ..

Also as mentioned by "rogerhunt" you shd also gt your Ram checked..

Keep me posted.


Anuj Bhatia


The RAM was the problem. The 2nd stick was bad. I took it out & everything worked. I'll get a new set. Now I'll have to recheck the hard drive. Thanks for the help!

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