Sharing data files with my iPhone/Android application

I may use Appcelerator to write an app for the iPhone with customization needed for the Android. But I would like data files my app creates to work on both the iPhone and the Android.

I have not chosen the database but have heard that SQL Lite might be one solution. I would like data files to be in an open a format as possible and to be sharable between all versions of the app which I write.

Should I be thinking about XML?

Does an XML file need to be loaded in its entirety before it's usable? Clearly, using a database has big advantages since it can be read dynamically.

What are my options if I want an open format and to allow users with other programs to create data files in a format my app could also use?

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Actually SQLLite3 is the built-in database solution for Android, but in your case XML is preferable.

If you use an adapter, you don`t need to worry about how much of the XML is loaded, since it will be streamed from the file system (or internet) on demand. The implementation of the reader is what will define that.

You start reading the XML as soon as it begins to be available. The parser reads and parses it dynamically. If you stop parsing the XML file in the middle, what is left will not be loaded from the file system.


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