How to start cloud application?

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I planning to start a cloud application. Is there any tips to start them? Simple hosting for first time or jump to VPS immediately?

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Here's where I started...

It worked until I could afford the t3 lines I needed..


Depends what kind of applications you want to learn. If they are of basic nature you can rely on Google Apps

I have successfully implemented it at various places and it does not require major changes to your current infrastructure. Few modifications and you are online :)

How and using which language do you plan to develop your application? The recommendation I have for you depends on your choice.

The list of possibilities is quite large and you need to focus on the feasible technology you will be using.

Using PHP or ASP? Start with a hosted virtual $5/month plan.
Have special server software or configuration, or a need (and knowledge) to fully control your environment? Get a VPS.

Need elastic scalability, load balancing and scalable storage? Use Amazon EC2 / RackSpace / Gogrid

Elastic .net application? Maybe Azure is for you.

Java application? AWS Elastic StalkBean or Google App Engine or Cloud Foundry

Ruby? Heroku.
Scala? node.js? Spring? Cloud Foundry

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I'm currently building custom application using PHP. Is hosted virtual powerful enough to handle my clients? Is there any clue when I need to jump to VPS or AmazonEC2/Rackspace/gogrid?
I always recommend to start small, and to have plans to grow :)

The time to jump to your own private virtual server, wherever that may be, is when the hosted plan is too limiting, or too small, or architecturally wrong.


You need to install some php extensions that are not part of the plan, maybe a version that is still in development release, but your $5/month hosting company refuses to do it.

You need to install some OS extensions/modules/services/patches  that your application needs, but your $5/month hosting company refuses to do it.

You must have root/administrator access on the server.

You want to configure your database to cluster/shard/replicate.

You need a high usage load balanced redundant web site.


Is there any good tutorial or link how to start cloud application?
You need to know how the infrastructure of your website works. All cloud enviroents operate in a similar way.

Understand the function of httpd.conf , .htaccess , php.ini , my.ini and how virtual hosts are set up in Apache.

If you can set up  a 2 layer web application at home (database and web server on different IP address ) then the cloud will not be difficult.

While struggling remember: others have walked in the same path and didn't give up :p

I am sure that decent guides and books exist but I don't know them.

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