Graphics card dying or underpowered.

Hi there,

I have what I thought to be a perfectly operational graphics card until recently when it started to majorly malfunction during one game, Arkham City.

The malfunctioning starting when I was about 15% into the game, I didn't have one issue before that (about 5 hours of game time). What happens is the game locks in random areas after 3-10 minus of play, if I attempt to alt-tab or ctrl-alt-del it will most likely flicker a few times then BSOD.
Smetimes it will go to jthe desktop successfully and generally there will be corruption of some kind on the screen until I restart the computer.

Since this started happening I have changed video card drivers several times, reinstalled my Wndows 7 operating system completely, pulled apart the video card, reapplied thermal compound and cleared it of dust. For some time I thought it was temperature. I did get up to the low 80's during gameplay. But after forcing the fan speed to 80% and seeing it crash at 45 I decided that wasn't the problem.

Obviously the likely event is that the card is dying, however I thought since it's only occurring in one game it could be a power supply issue, which has happened to me before.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Whats the make and model of your PSU? What video driver version are you running?
>>  I thought since it's only occurring in one game   <<   look for problems with that game on the gamers sites
Ibstall fresh driver from site.. if not might error with new drivers try to download older version and install it.. first remove related drivers.
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Before you conclude that it isn't heat, try installing a case fan and directing the air at the video card.  Failures occurring only in intense game mode usually mean excessive heat; power is only a factor for high-end gaming cards  that don't have a decent power supply.  Also, the temperature you are seeing may not be correct.
lemonvilleAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,

Just an update.

@jamietoner - I'll obtain this soon. It is a 500W PSU. I'd be surprised if the wattage was insufficient as there were no changes to my hardware for several months from when i started playing the game (with no issues) until the issues started occurring (6 or so hours into the game).

@althakar - Have tried the most three recent NVIDIA drivers and have used Driver Clean to remove the existing drivers before testing.

@nobus - I've investigated specific problems with the game and there are many (as per usual) but not too many pointing to BSOD crashes.

@callandor - I'm confident that its not heat. I understand your reasoning but i cranked up the Video Card fan to 90% (from 20%) and it significantly dropped the heat. Even if it is reporting low there is still a good 40 Degree drop with the fan on full.
post the minidump in any case - find it in windows\minidumps, and attach here as file
lemonvilleAuthor Commented:
This was the only one in there.
that points to :  nvlddmkm.sys    GRAPHICS_DRIVER_TDR_FAULT
so it can be a bad video card, since you have updated drivers and OS

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lemonvilleAuthor Commented:
This points to the solution.

Many thanks for your help.
a definitive conclusion can be reached by testing it in another pc
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