how to enble the OS to work on achi mode on win XP


i would like to enble achi mode on one of my HP LT (probook 6540b) while runing win XP sp3.
when i download and tring to install the relvant driver for my LT (x86) from the url below i got the error massage below "this OS doesnot meet the minimum reqwiment for this Driver"

i was tried amny kind of drivers (matrix also) but no luck.....

BTW i dont want to reinstall my OS and using F6 key.


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If this is an already installed system, there are complicated/dangerous steps you have to go through to convert the system to use AHCI versus IDE the main requirement as d4durvesh pointed out with the question whether the installed drive in the system is actually SATA and not an IDE which does not support AHCI.

During the install you need to use the F6 and provide the AHCI driver.  Alternatively, you can slipstream the drivers and other updates to create a bootable install disk where you can repair the install after switching to AHCI.  

Make sure You have a Good Backup of your system prior to making any changes to avoid loosing important data.

Both the above answers are very useful to you.. Just as an additional comment. Your notebook came with a SATA drive which when running Windows 7 was defaulted to AHCI. If you want to run AHCI then you will need to reinstall and load the driver then using F6..(I know you dont want to but its the safest and best way). The link you provided is for the windows controller software and not the windows driver as would need to be installed.

My only concern with this answer is why you would want to run XP on that notebook which exceeds all the recommended specs for XP for instance it has more memory than the 3GB cap on XP and it has features such as Intel SpeedBoost and all the drivers are for 7.. (This according to HP website would need exact model # to confirm.) So unless you have a very good reason to run XP then Windows 7 would be faster, provide better battery life, and provide you with a current OS.

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Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

Also you can use XP_mode to run XP application in virtualized environment for or use the compatibility tool to get those applications to run in XP "mode"
Why are you going to intel rather than HP to download the drivers for the system?
arnold my assumption is that HP does have XP drivers for it, which if that is the model is in fact true.
they do for the 6540b but as you pointed out it might be a different "version/generation" for which the below might not work.:
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