Cursor tabs out of field while typing


I will be brief because it is very hard to type under this condition

While trying to type anything my cursor tabs out of field

This has happened at least 40 times just in this message so far.

I am using Window 7 Pro

Sony Vaio

Problem just started today after using computer for 3 months

cursor either tabs to nothing where I have to place it back in the field where I am typing or begins opening different windows


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A few possibilities come to mind:

1. The mouse pad is being mistakenly hit with your palm or part of your hand - easy way to test is plug in a USB mouse and disable the mousepad and type away to see if you encounter the problem.

2. Keys on the keyboard are getting stuck or your tab key is sticking/faulty.  You could test using an external keyboard - but I don't know if you can or should disable your internal keyboard. I will check an let you know if the OS will support this.

3. Some form of annoying malware is running on your computer.  I suspect the keyboard more, but it's possible.  Run a virus/malware scan if the other two options don't show you the cause.
hadhazi1--Run System Restore from a date before the problem started.

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hadhazi1Author Commented:
Jcimarron:  Restore failed.  I tried the furthest one shown from Dec 27th and then one more from this morning.  Both came back saying they failed.

1.  it is not the mouse pad.  I am on an external keyboard typing this and it is doing it on almost every keystroke.

2.  Not sure.  I cleaned mouse pad well.

3.  What malware scan do you recommend?
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" What malware scan do you recommend? "
Do you have an antivirus program installed?  (You should.)  Scan with it.
Also use MalwareBytes
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
Does it also do it in Safe Mode, or when using a Live CD - a very easy to use bootable OS that comes on a CD - try it from here:

Can you give more info on the "opening different windows" bit of your post, please?
hadhazi1Author Commented:

Jcimarron:  I have Norton, but used Adaware & Malwarebytes too and nothing related found.

DanCh99:  It is always a window for "Vaio Smart Network Setting" when a popup occurs
hadhazi1--If nothing else works try a Repair Install
hadhazi1Author Commented:

OK, I have figured out what the problem is - "Viao Smart Networking".  Once I shut that down then I can once again type normally without any interruption.  The problem now is that it continues to load whenever I reboot.  I have gone into MSconfig and disabled everything the remotely looks like it would pertain to it but it still begins at startup.

I did a google for "How to disable Viao Smart Networking" and found one saying to disable "lanutil.exe" but that process doesn't exist in my startup or process sections of msconfig.

Any help to stop this from starting up and finally end this would be greatly appreciated


dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
You may wish to uninstall Vaio Smart Networking.

This thread talks about this process.
hadhazi1Author Commented:
Hi  Dbrunton

That worked!  I just uninstalled it and it obviously did not affect my ability to connect to the internet wirelessly.

Thanks for all your help guys!

hadhazi1Author Commented:
The problem is - "Viao Smart Networking".  Once I shut that down then I can once again type normally without any interruption.
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