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Happy New Year!
I cant remember how to print the code from a single MODULE from the MS vba environment.
When I right click the required module and select 'Print', the print dialogue box offers an active radio button only for:
'current project', but NOT for:
'current module' - which remains dimmed out.

Can you enlighten, please!
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Boyd (HiTechCoach) Trimmell, Microsoft Access MVPCommented:
Which Office Product?
What verion of Office?

Try opening the code module. On VBE menu Select File > Print.
Kelvin4Author Commented:
Thanks 'Coach:
Snap! I remembered too: its a question of maintaining the 'print' focus

My Error: I was right clicking module icon in Project explorer in order to activate print. But that took the focus away from the selected module sheet/code.

Correct method, open module and (as you say) use the print command on the ribbon, then the selection (be they module or selected code lines) will be respected and I get printed what I want.

Thanks, and happy new year
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