using batch script, must create shortcut, put on desktop, with permissions

RE: batch script for Windows 7 Vista

Using batch script, I need to be able to create a shortcut of a .exe file, put on desktop...
and add the following windows compatibility settings (from the batch, not after):
1) run as administrator aka "runasadmin"
2) windows xp sp3 compatibility

Example program:
c:\program files\bquest\bquest.exe      

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i found this afticle which may offer a round about solution to your problem. By creating a batch file and running a regkey, you may be able to achieve what your looking to do. Hope this helps
Hi, following the example in the linked article above, try this VBS code to create the shortcut and set the properties.

Save the code into a file called CreateShortcut.vbs and double click it to run it.


strExe = "c:\program files\bquest\bquest.exe"
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set objLink = objShell.CreateShortcut(objShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%USERPROFILE%") & "\Desktop\bquest.lnk")
objLink.FullName = "Shortcut to bquest"
objLink.TargetPath = strExe
objShell.Run "REG ADD ""HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers"" /v """ & strExe & """ /t REG_SZ /d ""WINXPSP3 RUNASADMIN"" /f", 0, True

Open in new window


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icecom4Author Commented:
I'm not much of a vbs person, but when try to open the file it just opens like a text document.  

Do I have to put anything before or after these lines to make it execute?
You need to make sure the file has a .vbs extension, and not a .txt

When you do the Save As, put quote around the file name, so it's like

You probably aren't viewing "known extensions" in Windows.

icecom4Author Commented:
Thank you!
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