ASA 5510 AnyConnect Remote Access - User does NOT select connection profile

Hello, I am configuring an ASA5510 and would like the user, when connecting by using AnyConnect, doesn´t select the connection profile, but according to the username, the ASA must associate him/her to a specific connection profile (tunnel group), and not DefaultWEBVPNGroup, as it is happening so far. I would like to deselect the flag that you can see in the image file I am attaching.

asanchgoIT Project ManagerAsked:
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Associate the end user VPN properties to the appropriate connection profile.
End user
  VPN Policy
    Connection Profile

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
You appear to be confusing tunnel groups and connection profiles?

See  Cisco ASA5500 AnyConnect SSL VPN
asanchgoIT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi PeteLong, tunnel group is the old name for connection profile, so they are the same concept. Any idea of how to associate an user to a specific connection profile?
asanchgoIT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Your comment helped me. Thanks.
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