How to insert to a db individual records from a comma-delimited list.

Hi Sirs, i'm new with programming and need a little help.
I have a product page where a user can select several channels where this product can appear.
These check boxes are then posted.
When i receive the data i get the values separated with commas.
I have managed to split the array and with ubound find the number of values but i got stuc from there.

Example. I have an array 10,13,18,22,89
I've splited the array and counted. 0 to 4

I need to store value 0 in db then value 1 .....

was my question clear?
thanks abain for you help
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Yep, you need to loop through the array and prepare the SQL for each. So here's what I'd do:
' here's your array
' split it up on the comma
theArray = split(myarray,",")
' check it;s an array so you don't get an error if not
If isArray(theArray) then
    ' set i as the marker from 0 to the upper bound -now loop through each
    for i = 0 to ubound(theArray)
        ' prepare your sql string here (i've put a ; at the end for SQL Server, the I
        ' would run the SQL at the end. Otherwise, run the sql below
        sqlstring = sqlstring & "INSERT INTO dbname (fieldname) VALUE (" & theArray(i) & ");
    ' now run the sql (sqlstring) here
End If

Hope this helped :-)

/ Tobzzz

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aadlhAuthor Commented:
I was so close @ the same time so far.

Thanks a million
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