How to Start a Blog and what type of database?

I'm a .Net developer who develops line of business applications using C# for the BLL and DAL and silverlgiht for the front end.

My family wants to start a "blog" for our recipie swap but I'm not really sure what goes into a blog.  

At work we use SQL Server for our database.  Do blogs use similar type databases?

Also, I'm guessing there is blog creating software available for this kind of thing.  Any recommendations?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Unless this is an educational project for you, I would recommend setting up a free blog on either or  Wordpress usually uses MySQL.  I'm not sure what Blogger uses, it's owned by Google but it wasn't started by them.
There are loads of free blog programs.  I am getting ready to set up something similar on my own server.

Since you use SQL Server for your db, it is safe to assume that you are on some Windows Server operating system.

Given that is the case, you may be able to use the free Microsoft Web Platform Installer (WebPI) to install PHP and other free-ware technologies.  Then install WordPress or one of the other free blog packages.

The WebPI shields you from all the hard work of installing all the packages. It's pretty much just point-and-click.  Here's the link to get started:

Hope this helps!

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