VB.Net / C# grant management-right for printers

I need a code snipet in VB oder C# (Visual Studio 2010) to grant print-management rights to users on windows 7 workstations so users can configure additional printer settings on their own (local printers, mostly USB-Devices, installed with WDS in PNP-Mode).

We have startup-script which is written in VB 2010. This program runs with local system privileges and it should grant the print management right for every local pnp-installed printer on the local workstation.

Can you please help? We've tested with WMI oder PowerShell but this won't work as espected.

We can't use subinacl.exe or setacl.exe in our environment.

Many thanks for your help.

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This may be worth a look.  The link here is to a Powershell script that contains all the methods that you should need to set and apply permissions for local printers.

It's a shame that the text is Latvian, but programmatically it is possible to follow the function calls, and it may put you on the path to VB.Net or C# equivalents.

Hope this helps,

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