Connecting multiple displays to Windows 7

I would like to use the Onboard VGA AND the Video Card I have connected to the motherbaord.
If I tell in BIOS for the onboard VGA to have control, when Windows boots up it uses the onboard VGA port.  - shows only one monitor
When I tell BIOS for the plugged in video card it uses that. - again - shows only one monitor
Neither times does Windows allow me to show / select the other video card or display.
Any ideas?

Moterboard is Fox COn 946 GZ7 MA 8KRS 2H

VGA card is Nvadia GeForce 7600 GS
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Unfortunately the chipset the motherboard has doesn't support two independent displays:

"Dual Independent Display      No"
Hi... I think you can't use it with that setting.. I believe that once you have a video card connected the onboard video card is automatically disabled... You must have a video card that has two "video In's", otherwise I don't believe it can be done

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MawallaceAuthor Commented:
Thanks - that is what is driving me crazy!

What if I get another video and ad connect to an empty #PCI slot?

Or are there video cards out there what would be compauibile which would allow me to connect two cards simultaneously?
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If you use a modern operative system such as windows 7 (winXP would probably also work) then yes.
MawallaceAuthor Commented:
Any recommendations for such a card then?
Probably Radeon 6450 or Geforce 8400GS would work just fine. But then again if you get ie the 8400GS it has several outputs so you don't need to use another card.

Which graphic card do you have today? Perhaps it already has several outputs?
MawallaceAuthor Commented:
the card I have already is a VGA card is Nvadia GeForce 7600 GS

I think this only has one output - though it does have the VGA and the new style (DVI ?) - does this mean I can have separate monitors connected to each type?
Yes it would seem that you should be able to have two displays connected to that card.
its becoming more than 2 monitors these days see

and it can use the intenal vga card imho
You are better off getting a modern VGA card with two ports, rather than try to use onboard with a PCI video card.  The fastest PCI card is really old - the Geforce FX6200, and not worth buying.  If your current card is not PCI-e, you can get a decent one for $25-$50:
If he's going to use the gpu for work and not games I'd say it would be unnecessary to buy a new card as long as the one he has works fine.

You could also try the one you have and if doesn't do the job well enough then consider getting a new one.
Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

Go for an AMD Eyefinity 5000 or 6000 series card - lower end cards will have DVI, VGA and DisplayPort - these will support up to 3 simultaneous outputs, although you may need to use a DisplayPort to VGA/DVI/HDMI adapter for the third display unless the Monitor has DisplayPort.

Higher end cards have multiple DVI, DP ports and fLex variants have 3 DVI ports or 2 DVI and 1 VGA.


lower end cards have dvi and mini display port where as higher end cards have multiple mini display ports
Your card has "Full NVIDIA® nView® multi-display technology capability."

try installing latest drivers from

and try to configure multiple display.
One will be connected on VGA and another on DVI port.
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