How to Grant User Permission on Start Menu Programs subdirectories in windows 7 in one shot

At some point in time when I install programs it doesn't show up on my start menu.  It will have the program folder, but it will be "(empty)" in the sub menu level.  In my laptop there are only two account I used, the default user account created with admin, and the actual "Administrator" account I login to install some of the programs with I had problem installing under the default account because of the UAC.  

I found out that it is due to the folder permission, whenever I install, administrator will have all the permission but the the user default.  For each of them I needed to login as Administrator, go to each program and grant permission.  Is there a way I can do it on the directory level instead of going through each sub directory?  

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go to the top level directory set the permissions there then go to Properties >Security > Advanced >Change Permissions > Replace All child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object
cmleung2Author Commented:
Thanks. I recalled I have seen that before, just didn't know where to click.
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