how do i get data from one database field to a UL/LI


I have a field in my DB with this

  Marineret oksemørbrad
  1 stykke oksemørbrad (ca. 1,2 kg)
  friskkværnet peber
  1 dl cognac
  3 brede strimler appelsinskal

i will have this info on my site in a UL/LI but how can i do that easy, i think i maybe will have the data in my database like this, in one field

  ;;Marineret oksemørbrad ;1 stykke oksemørbrad (ca. 1,2 kg) ;friskkværnet peber ;1 dl cognac ;3 brede strimler appelsinskal

so if 2x; then it add a < b > tag at the word, but how can i in VB get the info to a UL/LI, i know how to get the field data to my site, but how do i tage this data and put it into an UL/LI so i end up with this
<li><b>Marineret oksemørbrad</b></li>
<li>1 stykke oksemørbrad (ca. 1,2 kg)</li>
<li>friskkværnet peber</li>
<li>1 dl cognac</li>
<li>3 brede strimler appelsinskal</li>

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- how can i make a code that can show my database field in a UL/LI.
- and if the data/info is like a writed with one or two ; then it know that
  one ; = normal LI /LI
  two ; = LI + B        /B+ /LI

hope u understand me.
I know how to get it showed in a repeater, my only question is how to take the field data from a database and CUT that data into smallere info that i can insert i an UL/LI
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Seems to me that you should adapt your datamodel, because this might be solvable, but it is not good to maintain. What if you have something that you want as a single line between <li></li> but you want it to have a ";" in it? You can not do that anymore (or you have to invent additional codes).

That having said, you can use a regular expression, you can Split on ";"
tjgrindstedAuthor Commented:
im new to this, so help me understand this.
i need to show one a recipes and here im showing some ingrediens in a UL/LI u want me to add every single ingrediens to its own database field, and the get it in a repeater !?
and not having one database field with the ingrediens and then separate the ingrediens with ; or € and then using a split on that field data string !? the separate symbol dont need to be ; can i use another !?
If that is the case,why don't you just put the desired HTML directly in the database?
Otherwise, make a table for ingredients, with a flag for bold.
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tjgrindstedAuthor Commented:
about the HTML, my wife dont know about HTML, so when she add an recipes to our privat cookbook/homepage i want it to be easy, so she know that a ingrediens need to be separated by a Symbol ( maybe ; )  therefore i was looking at a splitter.

about the table for the ingredients, yes but then its can be so many table fields, and then i need to make something that can look after XX value of fields in a database...

but again im new to this so if u say the database will be the best way and not a splitter or something like that then OK

the easy way was the HTML code, but then I need to add every single recipes, it will be better that my wife also can do that.
You can "hide" the HTML from the user, by implementing a wysiwig editor. Something like TinyMCE ( . It's free.

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tjgrindstedAuthor Commented:
dident came to a 100% solution
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