Adobe Flash Builder for PHP Sample Projects and Tutorials

Does anyone know where I can find a wealth of Adobe Flash Builder for PHP Sample Projects and Tutorials to learn from and build upon?

I have a mobile app project that I want to create that will connect to a website php service which in turn gets data from a MySQL database and passes it back to the mobile app to display a catalog using a listview with pictures, etc.. much like the popular employee sample project found everywhere.

Anybody links please?
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Search on the Google you can find millions examples if you will use these keywords

"Flex CRUD" or "Flash CRUD"

One place to start would be: - there are a number of tutorials here. Even though you will need to pick and choose according to what you are trying to learn. Here is a good first tutorial to glean from:

Other than basic Google searching, I would get the TourDeFlex Air App - and definitely visit and look at some of the Adobe Max Developer videos.

Happy Coding
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