Image and text box integration in Word 97-2003 document with macro

I've got a word document whose purpose is to use an MS Access database to populate the information on a state form.  MS Access creates a .txt file that the Auto Load macro in the document uses to populate text boxes in the document.  The document's text fields can then be tweaked in Word and saved as a new file.

The document uses a scanned image of each page of the original document as the background image for the pages.  Text boxes are placed in the page to correspond to the appropriate position in the background image.

The state form has been redesigned and I need to duplicate the same process in the new form.  I do not know how to create a new word doc and there does no appear to be a way to display the components of the document such as an object explorer might do in other environments.

Is there a way to display all objects in a document and their groupings?  If I post the form can someone tell me how it was done?

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Word is primarily concerned with text and its formatting for printing. What you appear to need is one image (the 'state' form) that is behind one or more text boxes, so this is a bit off that.

However -  and without seeing it we don't know how the original worked -  it may be that the 'state' form was actually set up to be a Background in Word terms, i.e. an image anchored in the header or footer.

As I recall in Word 2003, this is set by via Insert/Background (or possibly Watermark). You could then insert textboxes on top of the image in the appropriate places.
WaterstoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  While I look into that here's a copy of the document.  It has an autorun macro that should be disabled when opening.  The macro opens a text file and inserts value sin the text box object.  Haven't worked with Word much so if I need to re-post with no macro let me know.
WaterstoneAuthor Commented:
Oops - here's the file
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Unless I have missed at trick here, this is a highly complex implementation requiring a lot more than a limited-line answer. Ideally, you should approach the original designer in order to modify the current template.

Otherwise you will probably need some professional services. Note that some of us will, take on that sort of work. Those that do will have the contact details in their profile.
WaterstoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Figured it out after I posted, which often happens.  Wasn't headers or footers, Just scanned images set to show behind text and placed text boxes on top.  Original doc had some formatting issues that made it more difficult to maintain that was necessary.  My implementation is simpler and is working like a champ thanks.

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OK. Thanks for letting us know.
You can close the question accepting you own comment as the answer.
WaterstoneAuthor Commented:
Figured it out myself.
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