C521 will not start up

I have my c521 won't start up, few conditions noticed:
- Power light on the front is amber light
- Don't see anything in the screen/monitor, like they are not connected (though it is connected)
- No diagnostic light turns on (front panel), all are off
- Fans sound is very loud, it won't stop
- AUX_PWR_LED is solid amber light (no blinking, just solid amber light)
- I tried to remove display driver, still wont work
- I tried to remove memory, wont work too
- I tried remove power cord from power supply to mother board, no sound anymore, no light on AUX_PWR_LED (looks like this tells me, power supply actually works? since now no power is going to motherboard)

Looks like motherboard is going bad? dont think is power supply issue? any thing to try? If motherboard, any link to buy?

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johndennyAuthor Commented:
this is dell dimension C521
Most likely motherboard, since it's not even going to POST.  Solid (nonblinking) amber light suggests power supply is ok.  New (refurbished) motherboard available here for about $150:


Also available lots of other places, but that's the best price I found for refurbished.
follow the troubleshooting from my article :  
http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Components/Motherboards/A_1945.html                  (Short-overview-of-how-to-troubleshoot-bad-hardware-when-a-pc-does-not-post)

if your disk has problems, this can help also

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how did you remove the display driver if the PC won't boot up?
I assumed he meant he tried to remove the video card.
Are there any beeps when the PC turns on? Motherboard manual will tell you what the beeps mean.
how is it going john?
johndennyAuthor Commented:
hhm. i bought new motherboard, same thing, whatever condition as described above. I removed all devices connected to mb, RAM, drives, almost everything, except fan, and power supply, still same thing , loud sound, amber light. What could be going wrong? Its new mb! :(
johndennyAuthor Commented:
Oops. it is actually power up nicely, quiet sound, no more amber light, and diagnostic lights are on 1,2,3 (3 of these green light). And I have connected to all devices, including monitor. Problem is nothing in monitor right now. I test the monitor with other computer, monitor is good. So what could be now :) Is that new motherboard solve the problem, since now it is quiet, but cause the monitor is not displaying anything now?
i suppose it's video on board? do you have a screen at boot up, or nothing at all?
also check settings in bios, or reset the bios : remove AC cord + bios battery for a minute, then reconnect
johndennyAuthor Commented:
I reset bios, removed the display driver card (so I am using the built in mobo display card? somehow works), now getting error when starting up, diskette drive 0 seek failure, and system battery low, what is it again:( . Should I replace the old display card (DVI-D connector), and just display drive in mobo using HD-15 connector. And what to do with: diskette drive 0 seek failure, and system battery low? THx
>>  and system battery low  <<  that is the bios battery, normallt CR2032 on the mobo - it should read 3 V - replace it !
>>  diskette drive 0 seek failure,   <<   if there is no floppy drive,  resetting the bios just sset it to look for one; all you need to do is disable the floppy in the bios
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