My OS is windows 7 and I am trying to start a blog with some articles to pass the time and keep me occupied.  I have heard that there are sites where there are such blogs with ready made articles all ready to use by anyone.  Do any of our experts know where I can get these.  thank u.
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The whole point of a blog is to post your own articles.
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
In response to Bovski, Just wanted to see and follow a tested pattern, before I begin my own and goof everything up.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
In general if you don't goof anything up, you don't learn anything.  You can read a lot of other blogs and find out that there are many different patterns.  You can get free blog accounts at and and experiment to your hearts delight.  You can also view and read the blogs on those sites.  Experts-Exchange also has blogs (see the tab above) but they are in some custom code as far as I can tell.
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