Best method to update site to Wordpress

I am in the process of creating a new website. On my host I created an addon domain that points to a different url ( points to I am using Wordpress on this new site.

What I'm trying to figure out is, once this site is complete, what is the best way to make it live? My main concern is keeping any ranking status of the site1 URL while having site2 also point to the same site (assuming this doesn't affect search ranking and such).

It seems like my options are as follows -
1. Create a referrer setup where site2 points to my old site URL. This seemed to work in testing, but seems a bit circular
2. Move Wordpress to the site1 URL area. (There seems to be issues with moving Wordpress)
3. Have site1 point to site2 (Will this cause me to lose any ranking I may have earned?)
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi ruhkus,

How does option 1 help?  Seems overly complex to me for little to no benefit.

For #2, moving Wordpress is not that hard.  You do need to be able to do a global search and replace on the WordPress database to change instances of old URL to new URL and there is a plugin that will help you do it. Other than that one minor issue, moving is easy.

For #3, that is not optimal.  You will have to use pointing plus 301 redirects and there will be a bit of a loss in translation in the short run that could drop you a bit. The important thing to note about this method is that (assuming you redirect properly) any loss of page rank should be both temporary and minor and you should recover it within a few months.  The wild card is domain age...if you have had the domain for a long time, don't mess with it too much.

Your best bet is to redeploy the Wordpress based site on the regular domain and use 301 redirects to map old page paths to their Wordpress equivalents.  That will preserve your rankings while also steering the various robots to your new site structure.  Assuming you have a well-structured site and page titles, you should be all set.    
Before moving, you can go into the backend and change the site URL to the new one, and you'll be able to skip a lot of hassle. It's very well documented in their codex. The hardest part is just following every single line.
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