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I will be taking the 70-401 exam this week and would like to know if there is someone out there who has passed it recently. I have been studying the questions at examcollection.com and techexams.net for this exam; however, I took it once and hardly any questions appeared from these study guides. Does any one out there have some advice for me for studying materials or any tips? This will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Well, the questions are protected by NDA so I doubt anyone will give you a direct link.
Study and practice - that's all I can help with.
Hi Eddie,

I havent taken the SCCM exam but have taken other MCSA exams. I am the administrator for my firm on SCCM OS deployment, Application packaging, Patches and updates etc etc

Out of the two groups "people who study learn practice guide teach" and "people who search for easy answers to pass an exam"  it doesnt take long for colleagues to learn which group you belong to.

My bestest, best advice is to learn the subject inside out, make use of study guides and demos.  Visualise yourself in the scenarios presented and think what you would want to do manually, then apply that to what SCCM is capable of doing automatically.

I have found that out of the multichoice answers, you can usually discount one as stupid for some obscure reason, one will sound reasonable and two will be quite close together.  Concentrate on the differences between the similar answers to get a good feel in your head as to the scenario you are being placed in.  Think the answers through carefully...

Good luck and all the very best

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I can add one further piece of advice.... know your log files inside and out.  
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Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

@Kezzi - Very, VERY True!
Additional thoughts and perceptions.  

The mainstream exams, "Server/OS support install config and maintain" along the route to an MCSA / MCSE etc are very popular and hence draw alot of attraction from the brain dumpers.  

Exams for more specialist avenues dont get as many braindumpers so you wont find so many "sample" questions.
EDIE_ITAuthor Commented:
I was afraid of that, but thanks for your honesty. I have been studying, but it is a lot of information and hard to speculate what will be on the test when there is no study guide available. I guess all I can do is my best. Thank you to everyone for the quick response.

Happy New Year's

George SimosIT Pro Consultant - IT Systems AdministratorCommented:
If you gain a good understanding of the core concepts of SCCM an study the official docs along with some great books for it then you've got nothing to fear :)
I can't say that it was a very difficult exam, it was well balanced for my knowledge.

Hope you get certified :)
EDIE_ITAuthor Commented:
Passed my Exam! very happy. Thank you for your help.
George SimosIT Pro Consultant - IT Systems AdministratorCommented:
Way to go Edie_it... congratulations...!
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