Cannot add songs to media player 11

I reformatted my hard drive and have a fresh install of XP SP3.  I have thousands of albums and songs on an external hard drive.  I want to import those into my media player 11 library.  When I go to add media to library and add the path to the external hard drive and then select, it shows a count of 6 found and none added.  I have made that the RIP folder but that does not help.  I have a friend who has XP SP3 also but not a new installation and he is having the same problem.  Through Google searches I have found lots of others who say that the database is corrupt (mine is brand new) and to delete the folder user\application data\microsoft\media player.  I have done that and it does not solve the problem.  I have tried numerous settings and nothing seems to work.  I have also seen references to starting or stopping the media sharing service but that does not do it either.   I am totally frustrated and can use some assistance.
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Hi, this wont be easy for  me as I'm now on windows 7 with wmp 12
so going on memory
I recall that the first time I run wmp 11 I had to agree to something like regester it?
If this is a true clean install did you see this first run?
Is wmp your default player?
Go to start All programs windows components and make it default.
Once it's default it associates with all media files.

Did you delete the partition and reinstall windows clean?
As this porblem usually points to a damaged database.
Are monitoring these folders?
Have added them to WMP to monitor first??

have you tried this one from MS?
You cannot view, add, or delete items in the library in Windows Media Player 11
To resolve this problem, clear the Windows Media Player database.
To do this, follow these steps:
1.Exit Windows Media Player.
.For Windows XP:
Click Start, click Run, type %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player, and then click OK.

and this one shows you
dashmanAuthor Commented:

I had tried most of the links with no success before posting the question.  I had not done the first one about making it the default but after doing that it did not resolve.  My puzzlement is when I tell it where to look (paths to music files) it does not even look in the external drive where my music is stored.  Also when it does look in the my music folder where I have several albums, on the result page it shows that it found 203 but will not add any of them to the library.  Occasionally if i play a song it will add it to the library but more often it will not.  I have this issue on a couple of computers running XP.

I did do a clean install of the OS and the first time I ran WMP it did not ask me to register it but it did ask about configuring? it and I chose the top recommended one.

I am really stumped on this one and would appreciate any help.
Hmm puzzling, I use winamp so dont have that problem,
never liked the intrusive MS DRM.
But lets try everything I can think of
Take a look in your Tools options devices does it see your USB drive? or portable device
What format is the partition on the USB drive? fat or ntfs?
Are you the default administartor?
Is it a My Book?

Where I'm leading the terminolgy is that WMP requires to sync to this drive or sync the files
How fast is your computer?
Processor speed how much ram
extract WMP 11
File synchronization to portable devices
 A device that supports file synchronization and has a Universal Serial Bus (USB) 1.1, USB 2.0, or Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 1394 (such as Apple FireWire or Sony i.LINK) interface. A USB 2.0 interface is recommended for best performance.
For a list of compatible devices, see the Compatibility Center.

Note   If your device supports video playback and you intend to sync copies of your video files to your device, a 1.5-GHz processor, or faster, is recommended for best performance.
The Player may require additional computing power to improve video playback quality of the files on your device.

Check if the sync settings are correct. To do this, follow these steps.
a.     Open Windows Media Player.
b.     Click the arrow below the Sync tab, point to the device, and then click Advanced Options.
c.      The properties dialog box for your device is displayed. In the Sync tab, check mark Start sync when device connects check box.
d.     Restart the media player.
e.     The next time you want to sync, connect the device to your computer, click the Sync tab, and then click Start Sync.

or try this
Add a Sync Device to Windows Media Player.
a.     Start Windows Media Player and connect your portable device into a USB port on your computer. A box "Windows Media Player -- Device Setup" box will pop up, showing that it has recognized the device and provides an opportunity for you to name your device.
b.     Read how the player will sync your device, which is directly under where you type in the name of the device. If the device's storage is more than 4 gigabytes, as an example, and your library on Windows Media Player will fit on that device, the player will choose automatic.
c.      Selection of automatic sync means that your device will mirror your entire Windows Media Player library and will do so each time it is connected. Click "Finish."
d.     To sync only some of your library, when the Player has chosen automatic, you can choose what will sync when you open Windows Media Player. Click on the portable device in the right pane, and drag the items you want to sync to that device.
e.     Selection of a manual sync indicates that the player detected that the portable device does not have room for your entire library. Click "Finish." Open Windows Media Player, select the portable device in the right pane, and drag the items you want to sync to that device.
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Try syncing just one folder, it maybe that you have just too many
dashmanAuthor Commented:
Computer is a Pentium 4 2.5GH with 1 GB RAM.
WMP 11.0.5721.5280

When I check devices or try to see what is synced, it does not show my USB external hard drive which is formatted with NTFS.  My understanding is that the synch function is for devices that are for playback like MP3 players, etc, not storage devices like external hard drives but I could be wrong.

I did did follow the link at the end of your last entry and someone else was having the same problem.  I looked for the "Portable Device Enumerator Service" but I did not have that service on this computer.

I am really out of ideas.  I would really like to get this to work as it was working perfectly ok before I had to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the OS so it should not be a hardware issue.  I have looked into other media players.  Do you have any experience with Songbird?

I really do appreciate your time and effort.
No I have not used songbird but we have google
for now
have you logged in as the default administrator?
is WMP your default player?
Have you run windows updates since formatting?
may have patches for WMP 11
Version: 951929
.netframework installed latest version is 4
 try this, look again
START > RUN > type  or copy paste ~  services.msc
 Scroll down to~PLUG AND PLAY> then Right-Click and make it RUN AUTOMATICALLY.
 Also, make sure that PORTABLE DEVICE ENUMERATOR SERVICE is running.
If not, set it to run AUTOMATIC.
 shutdown  (not reboot) then start

Noway good enough need at least 2 gig of ram. in my humble opinion>>
Computer is a Pentium 4 2.5GH with 1 GB RAM.<< 1 gig of ram puts a load on the processor instead of evely distributing the load.
video card should have 1 gig onboard and 2 gig of ram with your procesor, and a power supply unit of at least 500 watts or more.
Is this a 32 bit bit or 64bit
I found others had a similar problem and uninstalling iTunes solved it.
If the drag and drop method doesnt work
uninstall ITunes
I dont use it either but in order to have web functionality I just installed iTunes alternative
There is Foobar nice little tool
dashmanAuthor Commented:
I have logged in as administrator and the same thing.  It will not recognize the usb external hard drive.
I have all the MS updates and running the latest version of WMP.
I have all the versions of .net and there SP and updates.
i had already turned on those services to run automatically.
I do not have iTunes installed on this computer.
WMP has worked on this hardware with 1GB RAM before formatting so I do not think it is a RAM or hardware issue.
Did you check my last comment about sync - about that referring to devices that have playback?
Yes I read everything
recapping one point
 My puzzlement is when I tell it where to look (paths to music files) it does not even look in the external drive where my music is stored.  <<
ok I'll can only test this on my W7 with WMP 12
and 3 hours later I have success.
man what a useless media player difficult to figure out,, it does save the playlists from USB drive, I have tested this now over and over to figure out what I didnt do and what needs to be done.

What I did after plugging in my USB drive wait until it's fully loaded. 1 terrabyte takes a while.
Just to make sure.
I ran WMP 12>> looking in devices first , my USB drive is not listed ok no worries
I then
Go to File>> Manage Libraries> click on Music from the list since that is where we focus > I see a panel called Music Library Locations, and inside a list currently there?
then click on> Add on the leftside>navigate to my USB drive  to my music folders
no problems
It shows include folder in music  at the bottom, does WMP have this?
then I just clicked on a main music folder  and then clicked the include folder, now it shows a message at the bottom of WMP12  updating media, update complete,
It is now listed in Library>Music>Folder
Close out WMP and re-open then go to Library at the top under > "File View Play Tools Help"
and no I cant find this new library I just imported,  
Here is the first key

so I did it again same method only this time once it is in the Library>Music >Folder
I then dragged that F:\drive All Music folder onto the right panel
then went to save list at the top above it
 renamed the F:\All Music on CD  to just on cd mp3
The key here is to SAVE IT
it now appears on the left under playlists
now the test
Closed out WMP and re-opened it
And gone again??
I then went here and deleted everything from WMP databse with regards to the library
C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player<< to delete old libraries
Reopened WMP and the old playlists on the left still there so
deleted all of them easily now.
presto my new all mp3 on CD was at the top.
Just DB click it and all the files appear in the center main page

So the key here is it takes time to update the media each time and make sure you save the list
once it's saved give it a minute to update.
Everytime I now open WMP 12 the new playlist is there

since our versions differ I ran my other PC which has XP sp2 on
and WMP 11
 the principal is the same import add to library etc
you dont have File manage Libraries..
What I'd do in your version WMP 11 put it on NOW PLAYING>  just drag and drop a folder off the USB drive onto the NOW Playing  playlist
then look under the now playing is a small arrow save as playlist
give it a name.
Now look on the left side under playlists and there it is
That is definately the simplest way.
If you want to use the add to library below the Library tab
in the main panel you put it on either my Personal folders or the other then click ADD again
navigate to your USB drive and click on the folders hit ok
drag onto the now playing and save as
here's a guide may help you
Easiesty method open the USB folder and ddrag onto nowplaying and save as
Any updates dashman
dashmanAuthor Commented:
None of that worked. I have tried this on 4 different computers and does not work on any.  I have given up and investigating other applications for this.  I really do appreciate your efforts and suggestions but once again MS makes a product that just does not work consistently.  I have even contacted them but the $249 price tag to talk to their tech support is outrageous.

Moderator can close this question.  I would award Merete 250 points for his persist-ency in trying to resolve.

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Thankyou for coming back, it's a bit frustrating for sure that none of the answers helped, there is no other methods that I know of.
Drag and drop should work?
As per my last comment.
With your question you actually close it out yourself.
Award points etc.
Here's our guide
All the Best
dashmanAuthor Commented:
unable to resolve but the participant spent lots of time in trying to resolve it.  I think it is a MS problem
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