Create table - date variable, set DEFAULT

I have searched for an answer to this in the knowledgebase, cannot find an answer.

I am running SQL server 2000 on a server running Windows 2000 server.

My question:

I want to set a default date in a Create Table statement.

The default date must be Jan 1, 1990

Below is my code.  Look at the field called Entrydate.  SQL does not seem to like the code I wrote.  

What is the correct way to assign a default date in a Create Table statement?

CREATE TABLE tblSecurity
    Symbol               varchar(7)  PRIMARY KEY NONCLUSTERED      NOT NULL      DEFAULT 'UNK'      ,
    SymbolName            varchar(50) NOT NULL                              DEFAULT '**UNKNOWN**'      ,
    SymbolDesc        text                                             ,
       -- [Does this work?  Can I enter data?]
    SectorID      bigint      DEFAULT 1  
       FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES tblSector(SectorID)      ,
       -- 1 = Undefined
    IndustryID      bigint      DEFAULT 210
       FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES tblIndustry(IndustryID)      ,
       -- 210 = Undefined
    MarketID      varchar(4)      DEFAULT      'Unk'            
       FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES tblMarket(MarketID)      ,
    GroupID      varchar(4)      DEFAULT 'Unk'
       FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES tblGroupID(GroupID)      ,

    TypeID      varchar(3)      DEFAULT 'UNK'            
       FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES tblTypeID(TypeID)            ,

    EntryDate      smalldatetime      NOT NULL  DEFAULT ‘1/1/1990’      ,
    DateAdded   smalldatetime      NOT NULL DEFAULT  GETDATE()      ,
    HasOptions  smallint      NOT NULL DEFAULT 0            ,
      -- (get data from Telehart)      
    NoCalcFlag     smallint                                 ,            
           -- (this will be used at sometime, just not now)
    UseVolume       tinyint          NOT NULL  DEFAULT 1      ,
          -- [1 = yes, 0 = no]
    ActionFlag      tinyint            NOT NULL DEFAULT 1

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Om PrakashCommented:
seems to be fine
EntryDate      smalldatetime      NOT NULL  DEFAULT ('1/1/1990'),

when i copied the code. single quote was copied as " ‘ " and not single quote. may be this might be the issue
Can you please let me know the exact error getting after running this SQl

still you can try this,
    EntryDate      smalldatetime      NOT NULL  DEFAULT convert(smalldatetime ,'1/1/1990')  
It should work.

your code is absolutely fine, just check with the foreign key constraints, for any issues.

what error are you getting
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Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
The only 100% safe format for a date is yyyymmdd, so try this:

DEFAULT ‘19900101'

If that does not work, then, as everyone else noted, we need the specific error msg you are getting.

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donpickAuthor Commented:
OK, from now on I will enter dates in YYYYMMDD format.  This works.
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
Sweet!  Glad that worked.

To confirm, YYYYMMDD format is always correctly interpreted by SQL, regardless of language setting, date setting(s), or any other setting.
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