Upload asp script to a different server location

I am using the ASP Upload script: http://www.freeaspupload.net/freeaspupload/viewsource.asp

Is it possible to adjust something, instead of uploading to a c: drive location, is there a way to set up the upload to  a different server location?
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The upload handler on the server should be able to put it anywhere you want it.  Why is there a problem?

You need to simply define the target path where you want to store the file while calling the Save method.

rivkamakAuthor Commented:
Right now I specify the upload directory like this:
  uploadsDirVar = "C:\inetpub\sites\sitename\www\"

How do I adjust that to be server name: **** ftp information *****

Or am I going the wrong way? Are there ftp programs that I put on my webpages that do this for me?
I'm looking for external users to upload large files through a webpage, that will end up on an internal server, (not the hosting server).

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Does the webserver have access to the internal server?

Something like \\ServerNameOrIPAddress\ShareName..?

If not, I do a similar thing, but the internal server "collects" the files via FTP. Would that work for you?

rivkamakAuthor Commented:
I don't want the user to need to use an FTP software. I don't want them to have access to the other files sitting there.
I want a box on my site, find file, and hit upload.
Bingo, somehow it should end up on an FTP server, instead of the hosting server it's sitting on.

What's the best way to do that?
Yes, we understand the Upload process will remain the same.

Step 1. Client uploads to Web Server.

What happens from there depends on the Access you have to the internal server.

If they are both on the same network, you could create a copy script to run on the Web Server after the file has uploaded.

If the web Server has no access to the Internal server, then my question still holds... Can the Internal Server "collect" via FTP (I will give instructions if this is possible...)

rivkamakAuthor Commented:
I don't understand totally what collects mean, but I have full access to both servers and I can make changes to permissions if neccesary.
How can you go about doing that?
You still do not tell us if the servers are on the same network... So I am guessing they are not.

I think I would speak for most here when I say the web server should not have access to the shares of the local server.

For this reason, it is sometimes better to reverse your thinking! So rather than have the Web Server SEND the File, it may be better to have the local server COLLECT the file.

The only differences are which server starts the process, and the time the file becomes available locally.

There is an inherent delay in my plan, which may or may not matter to you. So far however we do not have enough information to tell.

"Collects" in this context means that the internal server would create an FTP session to the web server and Collect any files which it does not already have.

I use a similar process using the Windows version of wget to collect backups. This effectively synchronises a remote folder to a local folder. This is a scheduled task for me.

Must stop rambling...


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Right now I specify the upload directory like this:
  uploadsDirVar = "C:\inetpub\sites\sitename\www\"

How do I adjust that to be server name: **** ftp information *****

if the ftp location is on same server, just pass the exact path where you want to store the file and it will work. Even if ftp location is at different server under same network, still you can map the network drive at your web server and then give the complete path on mapped drive.

But if the server where you want to upload file is remote, you can try to autopost uploaded file at webserver to the ftp location by hosting some internal script at ftp server to receive and store file .. or else, you can post file to the ftp location using ftp upload script.. you can try script available here http://benmeg.com/code/asp/ftp.asp.html
rivkamakAuthor Commented:
using the asp upload script:

Is it possible to upload to \\***.***.**.** (ip address\inetput\

or it has to be c:\ something..
using the asp upload script, you can only upload files to the local drives or network mapped drives.
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