Timeout when uploading InfoPath form template to SharePoint 2010

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We have been designing several InfoPath form templates and published them to a SharePoint library.
Now, one of the templates makes our hair pretty grey… we have not been able to upload it at all. SP tries for 20 minutes, and then returns the following message:

Request timed out.
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Date and Time: 12/21/2011 8:57:02 AM

The form template has no code and is quite small, approximately 230 kb, yet they are very complex regards to rules, validations and conditional formatting. All the form templates are based on an xml schema, and they are browser-enabled. I should also mention that we use InfoPath 2007 and SharePoint 2010.

One of our theories is that we have to increase the timeout settings, because the other form templates also use long time to upload.
Obviously there is a 20 minute interval somewhere. Can this be increased? How?
There may be some other reasons the upload takes so long time. Any ideas?

We have already tried to configure InfoPath Forms Services, by increasing the number of postbacks and number of actions. We have also tried to increase the Maximum size of user session data.

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You could possibly increase the session timeout in the web.config for the application.


According to one of our developers there is quite a number of these web.config files. Could you be more specific about witch one of them you refer to? And exactly what parameters in the file that we should increase?

It's going to be in the root of you're iis file structure, usually c:\inetpub\wwwroot\

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