Monitor RAM usage

I am in need of monitor 5 pc's for one week to decide whethere RAM u[pgradation is really needed for those PC's. Any windows tools is there to monitor to give the below logs.
1. Highest RAM usage for the day.
2. Highest RAM using application.
3. Report for RAM usage per day.
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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
What OS is on the PC's? How much RAM do they have?

In general with the price of memory nowadays it is more eficient to just do the upgrade to 4GB than to spend a week monitoring. Time = Money. RAM is cheap.
SureshkumaarAuthor Commented:
OS is Windows XP Service pack 3. It has 2 GB default.
I agree Neilsr, but if it is needed we can go for upgrade. if it is not really required then its waste of money.
NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
5 x 2GB sticks should be very cheap as memory is pretty cheap these days.
Check this page on how to create custom metrics for memory on Windows XP:
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Windows XP will almost always perform better with 4gb of ram installed in a PC than with 2. (Even though the 32bit version can not access ALL 4gb).  It is NEVER a waste of money to increase performance. Even just reducing Boot time by half a min, easy on a networked domain XP computer with full AV installed, can justify a cost of a few pounds over a year.

Like I said, Your time can be better spent and used more cost efficiently than justifying spending the odd £/$/INR on a few sticks of memory. Just my opinion.
Don ThomsonCommented:
Best thing to use to randomly check RAM use is task manager - Under Performance tab
The Peak vs installed - If after 8 hours of use the peak is above 80% of the Installed physical ram - then throw another gig of ram in - Be very careful - if you add another 2 gig - The hardware knows you have 4 gig - Windows knows you have 4 gig - but the Actual softwre can't use more than 3.5 - the video mem used - And adding ram without adjusting the Pagefile setting will actually slow you down.

Generally 2 gig should be enough for XP Pro SP3
We get 1 Gig DDR2 for around $30 or less so we usually just max them out

With older PCs though - if the CPU speed, hard drive size etc is too small  - all adding RAM will do is run about another 2-3 hours before it freezes up.

With New i3 Win 7 Pro with 500gig HD and 4 Gig of Ram costing under $500-$600  bucks - we don't spend a lot of time upgrading marginal systems any more.


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