HP ProLiant Server - SSD?


I am creating a new test environment and wanted to try out some SSD's with it (Non HP and HP ones).

I guess the non-HP ones will not get a read out of the temperature (or not a correct read out) and the HP ones do. But what I am really interessted in is TRIM does the HP ones support TRIM on RAID? Because as far as I know TRIM is not supported over RAID so far, correct?

I wanted to go with 4x Samsung 830 256GB for the non-HP ones to the test
and the 2x 636593-B21 HP 100GB SSDs to test.

Did someone ever test the even more expensive ones for the 6G SAS Hot Plug Enterprise Performance Solid State Drives series?

Thanks a lot for your help and feedback
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Currently, support for the TRIM command has not been implemented in most RAID technologies.

Yves_Author Commented:
Okay, so as I thought HP also does not support TRIM. But maybe they do not need it so bad on there hardware. The Samsung 830 is also known to perform pretty good without TRIM.

What do you think about using nonHP hardware on a ProLiant Server?
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Try the Intel SSD 710 if you want a 3rd party SSD that doesn't make the fans go on full - http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Servers/Q_27508294.html

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Yves_Author Commented:
Is it possible to manual override the FANs?
@Yves There is no problem using non HP hardware on HP Servers - we have a lot of HP Servers running on non HP disks. The only problem is that in case of a hardware malfunction your local HP support representative may not support you.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
There's no option at present to ignore the missing sensor in BIOS/firmware so you won't be able to get the fans to run at less than full speed unless you use SSs with sensors in them.
None of the SSDs have TRIM support in RAID, but if the SSDs have good garbage collection, they will work fine in RAID.  SSDs don't generate much heat, so if you can live with the fans running at full speed, that may be an option, but the fans will likely wear out faster.
Yves_Author Commented:
The noise is not a problem our server are all in a data center. But if the fans wear out faster its a bit shitty...
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
I wouldn't worry about that too much while the fans are under their 3 year warranty period, if you keep burning them out HP will have to come up with a fix to save themselves money. There are some PCIe cards that require you to turn "optimized cooling" on in BIOS to stop them cooking and HP don't say they refuse warranty on servers that have them in and they run the fans at 100% full time.

They will wear out faster though, and SIM might keep reporting the servers as degraded if you monitor them through SNMP.
Yves_Author Commented:
okay, thanks a lot for the future informations about this.

I will have to open another thread about snmp monitoring the server later :)
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