I used a DVI to HDMI cable to connect my PC to my TV.
But why the screen seem not as good as using PC LCD Monitor...
But my TV is an IDTV...

Is it because the DVI to HDMI cable problem?
Anyone can help?
Billy MaVice PresidentAsked:
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no matter what type of the tv it is. if it has a hdmi input it has to be capable of displaing the content(picture) the same way as your monitor does. both hdmi and dvi are digital standards so there is no analog signal going through the cable which could affect picture quality.

if there is a difference it might be the resolution capability of your tv or color setup.
a hd ready tv can do 1024x768 pixels only. full hd tv can do 1980x1024
you have not mentioned what type of screen your tv has

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Billy MaVice PresidentAuthor Commented:
i am using Olevia IDTV 26' screen
it's a FULL HD TV.
then if you set your resolution on the pc to 1980x1024 the picture should be perfect
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Billy MaVice PresidentAuthor Commented:
no, I tired to set it, but the desktop was larger than the screen
i.e., the 4 edages are not on the screen.
You may need to adjust the size on the TV and shrink it down to fit when using that HDMI port from your PC - the TV should have adjustments to the display.  The desktop resolution should be set to 1920x1080, which is full HD.
First, set the desktop resolution to 1920x1080, as suggested by others.
Then, repeatedly press the button labeled "ASPECT" on your remote until the screen looks right.
Billy MaVice PresidentAuthor Commented:
oh, really have that button on my remote..
what is that button for?
Will this effect the screen of my HDTV Channel?
That button is for this.  That's why it's there.
Billy MaVice PresidentAuthor Commented:
oh, but it's does't work..
finally, I changed the screen setting on the HDMI channel from AUTO to PC, the screen automatically back to normal...don't know why AUTO doesn't work...

Thank you very much for your help!! ^^
Billy MaVice PresidentAuthor Commented:
May be the right solution on other montiors but not mine.
Anyway, thank you for all your help!
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