Java Authentication Login Box

Environment - 300 users, single building, network, and single domain.
All web traffic is pushed through an ISA 2004 box

Issue - We are trying to access an online training site called 'SoftSkill' (IT Training portal/website) and when trying to access a specific area of the site to allow the viewing of training material the user is being prompted with the 'Java Authentication' dialog box.

I'm not sure if this is a ISA issue or not and if so does anyone have an example JAVA Authentication ISA 2004 rule example please.
CTCRMInfrastructure EngineerAsked:
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Are you using ISA as a proxy, and are you using authentication with the proxy?
CTCRMInfrastructure EngineerAuthor Commented:
ISA 2004 is being used as a proxy for all web traffic but authentication with the proxy is not being used.

Additional Information:
I get this problem on any java related website, the one I'm trying to access is:, which requires Skill Soft Authentication,
when I click to launch the training material, java authentication kicks in as Java Applet suppose to load, challenging me with credentials.
However I can't test Java Applet via, this throws the same authentication.
Site works fine from ADSL link.
So this is nothing to do with SoftSkill training, the problem is with loading Java Applets.

You need to examine the ISA config because you are probably doing things that you don't realise you are doing.  The Auth Prompt isn't coming from nowhere,...something is triggering it.

The Java JRE has historically had problems authenticating properly with a proxy.  The most dependable way to handle it would be to set the JRE to NOT use a proxy so that it does not try.  Then install the ISA's Firewall Client on the workstations.   If you run without authentication then it should run with being just a SecureNAT Client,...but if authentication is required then the Firewall Client is an absolute requirement for any TCP or UDP traffic beyond HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP-over-HTTP.  The Java based App built into the training web site could easily be running other TCP or UDP based protocols between itself and the Site's Server after the intial connection and you would have no way to readily see that up front.

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CTCRMInfrastructure EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your support, I configured the client Java to not use a Proxy an this seemed to have done the trick.
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