Printer to 2 epson printers attached to an HP JetDirect 500x Print Server

I have 2 Epson FX 980 dot matrix printers that are attached to a 3 parallel port print server. I need to setup separate printers on the main server (W28) and then share them out on the network.  I cant getr it to work and I am not sure what I am doing wrong.  The IP of th eprint server is so I setup one printer with this ip address using a new port called auto1 then configure that port so that it uses a raw port 9100 which uses the printer attached to parallel port 1 on the print server and then likewise on the new new port calling it auto2 then configure that port to be using raw port 9101

I cannot print a windows test page to either... im sure its simple.. can someone help??
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is the jetdirect print server new and in factory defaults? you do it absolutely correct. LPT port 1 is on 9100 port 2 on 9101 and port 3 on 9102
checkout the web management of the jetdirect and try to print a testpage there. you can also test a jetdirect with telnet but that is not necessary if you have the web interface on running ok
philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
the jetdirect was working ok before the servers crashed and burned so nothing has changed on it and i am wondering if i need to re-setup this print server from scratch... i can go to the web interface but its very basic and there are no real tools in there... maybe telnet would be better to do... is there a way of guiding me through this..?
then maybe firewall settings on the server?
try the telnet from any other pc if you succeed it is on your server only.

To test printing through a Telnet session, append the TCP port number to the Telnet command. For internal HP Jetdirect and single parallel port external HP Jetdirect devices, the port number is 9100. For the multiple parallel port external HP Jetdirect devices, the port numbers are 9100, 9101, and 9102 for parallel ports 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
Once in Telnet, type some text or characters, and then close the Telnet connection:
To close the Telnet session in Windows 2000, XP, and most variations of UNIX, press and hold down the Ctrl key, then press the right square bracket key ( ] ).

In Windows 9x and NT, click Connect, then Disconnect in the Telnet window.

Then, quit Telnet. Type quit at the Telnet prompt or exit the Telnet window.
(You may have to press the Go or Select button on the printer control panel to eject the page. The page should print whatever was typed in Telnet.)
For example, assume that the HP Jetdirect print server has an IP address of and you use Telnet from Windows XP:
For an internal HP Jetdirect or a single parallel port external HP Jetdirect, open a command prompt and type the following: telnet 9100 (For a three-port, external HP Jetdirect, use port numbers 9100, 9101, or 9102 for parallel ports 1, 2, or 3, respectively.)

While in Telnet, type the following: This is a test and then press Enter.

Type Ctrl + ] (press and hold the Ctrl key and type a right bracket), then press Enter.

At the Telnet prompt, type the following: quit

The printer should print, "This is a test."

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philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
many thanks but i have done a cold reset of the jetdirect so that i could start from scratch.. however after doing this i printed off a config page and its saying that the ip address is  ... how do i connect now..? i thought it would default to 192.x.x.x. ??
It sounds like it's not getting DHCP, A hard reset should set that really.

It may take a few minutes to register so I would get the status page again.
JetDirects should have a default address of 169.254.x.x or (which is real silly).

This page says that can be caused by a bad network connection.
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