How to filter e-mail forwarded from Public Folder in Outlook 2010...

I've read several requests for assistance with this scenario, but have not seen a viable solution yet.

Can a rule be created in Outlook 2010 to filter e-mail that's been forwarded from a Public Folder in Exchange 2010?  E-mail messages forwarded from a Public Folder are displayed in Outlook with an informational notification of "This message was AutoForwarded." that appears below the sender's display name and address, and above the Sent time.  Because it's not in the body of the e-mail message, it is not apparrent how the messages may be identified for filtering.

Can anyone provide a solution for creating an Outlook rule to select these e-mail messages to be moved to another folder?

Any suggestions or assistance is greatly appreciated.


Rockville, MD
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Kevin BoothCommented:
Have you tried the following:-
Select the message ,but don't open it and click on the Rules, then select Create Rule..., this will auto populate some of the settings. There is an Advanced Options... this also has some pre-configured settings which may help.

Hope this is of some use.
Dimarc67Author Commented:
Yes, I have fully explored the existing Outlook Rules criteria, in particular looking through the e-mail message headers for any indication of the autoforward flag, but nothing unique to the forwarded e-mails appears available.

The crux of this issue is that the autoforward notification is not within the body of the e-mail, nor does it appear to be in the headers, so there's no apparent critereon to identify the messages, nor an apparent selection when creating Rules to identify them.

Appreciate any further information.
Dimarc67Author Commented:
I've located a post (link below) with the same question as mine, in which the poster solved his issue by creating an Exchange Hub Transport Rule to add a message header value to messages with type "auto-forward".  This then supported using an Outlook rule to filter based on the message header entry.

I've completed this procedure, and it works for all autoforwarded messages going forward.  However, I am still looking for any available method to filter the existing autoforwarded messages that do not have an additional message header entry.

Is anyone aware of an Exchange Management Shell command set that would identify all autoforwarded e-mail messages within a specified mailbox?

Dimarc67Author Commented:
It turns out that Outlook 2010 includes a "Auto Forwarded" column in the Field Chooser.  Adding the Auto Forwarded column instantly indicates the e-mail messages that were received via an auto-forward, and allows sorting on that column.

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Dimarc67Author Commented:
Final solution is effective and specific to original request.
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