.NET SQLBulkCopy

I have a question about SQLBulkCopy.  Looking at the below code:  When setting the DestinationTableName does that create a table in SQL Server?  I understand that once the DestinationTableName is set then WriteToServer will BulkCopy data in the DataTable to the DestinationTableName.

SqlBulkCopy sqlcpy = new SqlBulkCopy(mySQLConnection);
sqlcpy.DestinationTableName = "myTable"

Any other info that I would need to be aware of is greatly appreciated.

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Navneet.Net Full Stack DeveloperCommented:

DestinationTableName  = Table in the database where you are going to load/copy the bulk data
this table(mytable) in Database and Dataset table (dt)
should have proper table mapping

Navneet.Net Full Stack DeveloperCommented:
More Info on destination Table

If DestinationTableName has not been set when WriteToServer is called, an ArgumentNullException is thrown.

If DestinationTableName is modified while a WriteToServer operation is running, the change does not affect the current operation. The new DestinationTableName value is used the next time a WriteToServer method is called.

DestinationTableName is a three-part name (<database>.<owningschema>.<name>). You can qualify the table name with its database and owning schema if you choose. However, if the table name uses an underscore ("_") or any other special characters, you must escape the name using surrounding brackets as in ([<database>.<owningschema>.<name_01>]). For more information, see "Identifiers" in SQL Server Books Online.

You can bulk-copy data to a temporary table by using a value such as tempdb..#table or tempdb.<owner>.#table for the DestinationTableName property.

CipherISAuthor Commented:
The question I'm asking is does setting the DestinationTableName in .NET  create a table in SQL Server?
Navneet.Net Full Stack DeveloperCommented:
NO, The table need to exists in Database.

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