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An issue cropped up that I need your help.  Have Server 2008 Standard with Exchange 2010 plus AD installed.  I have a user whose email address is and his login (user) name is bob.  Here is the issue:  The user is receving and sending email with AND   As administrator, I did NOT add to his AD SMTP email addresses.  The address with is the "default" email address in Exchange.  
How did the get in the SMTP if I did NOT add it?
I now need to determine, I assume from the "sent" folder, all the mail that was sent under so that I can blast email to them that the correct email address is   What is the best way to do this?   Your help is most appreciative.  Many thanks in advance for your support.
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martushaProduct managerCommented:
look at Exchange 2010 -> Recipient Configuration -> Find User (Bob) -> Click Properties -> choose E-Mail Addresses tab and you will se what email is defaut and all other emails this user have. Also there you can check as default email.
Glen KnightCommented:
Is your internal domain name the .com address??

If so, this is how he got bob@
Did you check the default email address policies.  In Exchange 2007 its under org config, hub transport, email address policies.
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Glen KnightCommented:
Not sure where the rest of my first post went :(
I would imagine that "smith's" first name is bob?
You should look for an email address policy that says to "stamp" each mailbox with the user's and the
Since you already have people who think his email is, you can just change to make the default one and leave bob there so he can continue to receive emails sent to that address.
infosys3Author Commented:
Thanks for the speedy reply and I am sorry it took so long to get back to your for your points.  Yes, i set the proper email address as the "default" and all is well.  Thanks again.
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