Tracking which processes send outbound email

Summary Question: Is there a way to tell what process is sending email on Red Hat?

I'm running a Red Hat 6.1 server.   I have to mail issues I'd like to track.
Every day, at the same time, I get a blank email from root.  I'd like to know what process is sending out that email.
Yes, I've checked cron and all the cron.d items, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  No dice.  Ideally, I'd love something that, every time an email is sent, it would write to a log file what process generated that email (plus any info about that email, ideally).

I also see that a different email is generated and sent to a specific user daily, and I'd like to know what process generated that email, or at least what subject line that email had.

Thanks for your help.
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What I would do is replace the local mailer with a wrapper script to log who called it, and then let it launch mail as it normally would.

So rename /bin/mail to /bin/mail2, and then create a new /bin/mail as below (and don't forget to make executable with chmod 755).

This will write a date stamp and the parent process information to /var/log/binmail.log

PARENTPID=`ps -p $$ -o ppid=`
PARPIDINFO=`ps ax | grep "$PARENTPID "`

echo "`date`: I was called by $PARENTPID ($PARPIDINFO)" >> $MYLOGFILE

/bin/mail2 $*

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indsupportAuthor Commented:
I'll give it a try and write back!
indsupportAuthor Commented:
Okay, I put it in place.  The mystery email usually comes in about 2 hours from now, so I'll let you know.
I made one change to your script above.

I changed
PARPIDINFO=`ps ax | grep "$PARENTPID "`


PARPIDINFO=`ps ax | grep "$PARENTPID " | grep -v grep`

because the grep line from the ps was showing up in the log file as well.

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Good thinking... that should keep things clean.  Let me know how it goes and if you find the mystery process.

If it doesn't show up in a couple of hours, you may need to do a similar trick with /usr/sbin/sendmail.sendmail if that is being called directly (pretty rare though)
indsupportAuthor Commented:
This worked like a charm.  Thank you so much!
Glad to hear it!
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