Exchange 2003: How to delete large email sent internally to office staff

Last Friday a user in a remote branch decided to send an email with a 1 GB attachment to his fellow office staff.  Those users are now unable to get new email as this email is trying to download to their Inbox.  Is there a way for me to remove this email from the system before it downloads?

This is an SBS 2003 box with Exchange SP3.  I've checked the queues in the System Manager and there are no emails waiting to be delivered.  It appears as though the email is trying to download to each user's Inbox.  The email size limit was also OFF per a previous request from the client.  

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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
You can use exmerge to remove the email from the server:

This will allow you to remove the message from everyone's inboxes and return life back to normal.

You then might want to take the member of staff outside and flog them publicly.  Always a good one for YouTube!
bluetabAuthor Commented:
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