Offline Files/Folders - SBS 2011

We had an issue with Small Business Server 2011 today - the machine went down and was down for about an hour.  I have Folder Redirection and Offline Files configured, however when a client machine on the network (desktops and laptops) tried to access their documents, their documents folder was empty.  These are all Windows 7 clients.

When the server came back up, they had to log off, and back on in order to see their documents.

I had thought I configured Offline files and folders correctly to make these files and folders available on server disconnect, however it didn't appear to work.

Am I missing a GPO setting somewhere?  I need to ensure that if the server goes down, the users documents are still available offline.

JWeb AdminAsked:
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Which folders are you redirecting?

All of my users redirected folders are redirected to a folder named their username under a share on the network. This folder is then added to the offline files cache via GPO. The GPO entry to use is "Administratively assigned offline files" under the user section - see - i have the following path set up under that setting: "\\server\share\%username%". Use the username environment variable so that only the folders for the users that have logged onto the machine will be availabl;e offline (saves space). Alternatively, depending on number of users and what they store in thier folders, you could simply add the entire share to the offline cache (i.e. "\\server\share") to enable users to log on and receive thier files during server downtime even if they have never logged onto the machine before.


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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Please be careful 'tinkering' with the GPO's on an SBS. They are set up with default file locations and permissions.
Have you verified it is enabled for each user under SBS console | Users & Groups | Users | properties of the User | Folders | "Enable folder redirection to the server".
Keep in mind when enabling this feature it will take 2 and sometimes 3 logons to apply.
JWeb AdminAuthor Commented:
I am redirecting using the SBS defaults - and folder redirection works great, however for some reason yesterday when the server went offline, everyone's documents disappeared.  

The location they are being redirected to is: \\DCNAME\RedirectedFolders (SBS default)

Target folder location - Create a folder for each user under the root path.

I have some other items configured under the Offline files GPO, however I do not have administratively assigned offline files.  I'll try that.
JWeb AdminAuthor Commented:
OK - I've tried the administratively assigned offline files, and the folders My Music, My Pictures, My Videos are all available offline, however any new files and folders I create are not.

I have Administratively assigned offline files set to:

Value name: \\DCNAME\RedirectedFolders\%UserName%\

Any ideas?
JWeb AdminAuthor Commented:
Disregard my previous comment - it seems to be working, it just needed some time to sync.
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