How to disable F1 from displaying Help

Hello Experts,

I have a client that uses Virtual XP mode on their Windows 7 PCs to run a old school Dos program and it uses F1, F2, F3 & F4

On most of the the PCs in the office when the end user hits F1 it excutes a certain command in this dos based program.

On 3 PCs it brings up the Windows Help dialog box. How can I disable to Help or move the Help key to F10.


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Don ThomsonCommented:
It sounds like on the 3 PCs that are bringing up the Windows Help - that the Dos PRogram within the XP Mode doesn't have focus.

Try maximizing the XP Mode Window  - does F1 work correctly now?

Check the Scheduler and see of anything is running that would take focus away from the Dos Prog

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LasareathAuthor Commented:
@andytagonist I can't find Help & Support.

@DTHconsulting I thought this was the problem too but it is not. F1 brings up Windows Virtual PC Help With the window current.  
Don ThomsonCommented:
This would most like likely work
LasareathAuthor Commented:
@FireRunt It Worked!

@DTHConsulting I tried that program last week with no luck. Maybe if they made a version after 2008 it would work.

Thanks All!

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