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AS3 Merge Arrays in Turn

I have two arrays:
Animals: (cat, dog, mouse)
Colors: (red, blue, yellow, green)

I would like to merge them into a third array, pulling a record from each source array in turn, with the remainder just being added to the end (cat, red, dog, blue, mouse, yellow, green).

Is there a way to do this in AS3?

Thanks in advance.
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1 Solution
var animals:Array = ["cat", "dog", "mouse", "frog"];
                        var colors:Array = ["red", "blue", "yellow", "green"];
                        var combine:Array = animals.slice(0);
                        var min:uint = Math.min(animals.length, colors.length);
                        for(var z:uint = 0; z < min; z++)
                              combine.splice((z * 2) + 1, 0,  colors[z]);
                        combine = combine.concat(colors.splice(z));
Nice tutorial for learning all Array functions, I will use for my job interviewers :)
length, slice, splice, concat
tmbdesignAuthor Commented:
Ha! Yeah, it has it all.  Plus it works like a charm.

Thank you so much!!
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