OWA languageselection.aspx loop for just one user

I'm having what appears to be a redirect loop for just one user (that I know of) in owa.

This happens for the same user on multiple machines, both inside and outside of the local network.

cpu will sit at 1% or so on the exchange server and very low on the user's system until I log in with the user's credentials.  Then it will jump to 30% on both processors of both machines.  It will stay that way until I reset IIS or close the owa window at which time all goes back to normal percentages.

We have recently completed a conversion from Exchange 2003 to 2010 and this particular user was disabled before the move and re-enabled and moved to a new department just today.

In the shell, I set the mailbox language to en-US per one post I read, but that didn't seem to help.

Any Ideas?

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Disable OWA for the user, Re-enable.
OuttaCyTEAuthor Commented:
No Joy.

I disabled owa in Mailbox Features.  Tried to see what would happen.  No difference.

I then re-enabled and tried again.  No difference.

Do they actually get to see the language selection page in the browser?  Does it make any difference if they select the Basic GUI when they logon?
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OuttaCyTEAuthor Commented:
No, they do not see that page.

I've tried it a couple of different ways, but haven't exhaustively tried all of the variations.

I did try completely deleting the account & mailbox.  Wait until the mailbox was cleaned up and re-added the account & mailbox.

Now I've got a access denied issue that I've got to work out.  Probably a permissions problem - I just haven't chased that down yet.

OuttaCyTEAuthor Commented:
I've apparently gotten around the access denied error.  That's not popping up but the loop is back.  But it's showing on the auth page, not the localization page as before.

Do I need to open up the account via (desktop) Outlook before I can use the OWA?

No, you don't.  Can you find and post for us the iis log entries generated when the user tries to log in to owa?
OuttaCyTEAuthor Commented:
I've attached clippings from a log from "baduser", the one that loops, and one from "gooduser" which doesn't.

It doesn't seem to matter where I run the test from, the looping ids (now two of them) always loop.  from the same machine, same login, I can access another that works.  I can switch between them and the good one works, the bad one loops.

OuttaCyTEAuthor Commented:
OK, found it.

I could have sworn I've double and triple checked it, but the owa folder was re-directing to itself.

why this was only hurting some users is a mystery to me, but unchecked the box and presto it's working.


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OuttaCyTEAuthor Commented:
Found the owa location was redirecting to itself.  Unchecking solved the problem.
perhaps because the new users encounter /owa/languageselection.aspx whereas the older users who have already logged in do not.
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