Uninstalling Ubuntu from dual boot with Windows 7

I installed Ubuntu onto a different partition from Windows 7 from DVD, not WUBI. I'd like to uninstall it now, and I have some vague instructions about the MBR and using EasyBCD. Can someone please give me step-by-step instructions on how to uninstall Linux? TIA.
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Can you still boot Windows 7?

Only follow these instructions if you have and can boot from the Windows 7 DVD installation media because we will have to use that DVD to restore your master boot record (MBR)

I'm assuming you had Windows 7.  Then you installed Ubuntu.

Windows 7 is on a partition(s) on your hard disk.  Ubuntu is on another partition(s) on your hard disk.

Ubuntu installed the Grub bootloader which replaced the bootloader from Windows 7.  When we delete Ubuntu we will also delete Grub and you won't be able to boot into Windows 7 or Ubuntu (that's why we need the Windows 7 DVD).

If you need to back up any Ubuntu files do that first.

Then, boot into Windows 7 and open computer management and click on disk management.

You will see your Windows 7 showing up as file system type NTFS and your linux system shows up as something blank because Windows  most likely won't recognize the linux file system type.  An example of a linux file system type is ext3 or ext4.

You need to delete only the Ubuntu partitions.  Please upload a screen shot of your disk management if you need us to verify which partitions you need to delete.

Once your Ubuntu partitions are deleted your Grub will be deleted as well. You won't be able to boot either Windows 7 or Ubuntu.

Now boot from the Windows 7 DVD and select Repair then Command Prompt.

At the command prompt enter the following two commands:
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot

Open in new window

Now reboot into Windows 7 and reclaim the disk space that you had Ubuntu loaded on.  Go back into disk management. Right click on the unpartitioned space and select new partition.  Accept or change the values and you're done.

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jwagmanAuthor Commented:
worked perfectly
Glad to hear
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