Exchange 2010 mailbox database limits

I set a limit on a mailbox database to issue warings and no users in that DB have ever received an email waring them that they were over the limit (they were over), I set the limit at 50MB for testing and no warningemails. I then set the prohibit send at 75MB and when sending an email it would sit in the outbox but again no email warnings. How can I get the
emails to send for warnings and prohibit send. I'm on SP1 RU5.

All user mailbox accounts are set to use the mailbox DB as default.
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The way quota warning messages are generated in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 has changed. Prior to SP1, all mailboxes on a server are checked during the quota warning schedule to see if their size has exceeded the quota warning threshold. If so, a quota warning message is created for that mailbox.

In SP1, a new flag has been introduced that controls whether a mailbox is checked to see whether its size has exceeded the set warning threshold. This flag is set on a mailbox if the mailbox size is equal to or more than50% of the Prohibit Send quota.

This means that if the warning quota is set to a value less than 50% of the Prohibit Send quota, it is possible for the mailbox size to be over the warning quota limit but still not over 50% of the Prohibit Send Quota. In this case, the mailbox will not be checked to see if it has exceeded its threshold and will not receive a quota warning message.

For example:  If you have a size limit of 10MB set on your mailbox, and you set your Prohibit Send to 8MB, so the user can no longer send any email after he hits that 8MB limit.  Although he can continue to receive mail up to the 10MB limit. If you set your Warning Quota, to 3MB, which would be less than 50% of your ProhibitSend, the warning will never fire.

In addition, once a mailbox has been checked during the QuotaNotificationSchedule (per database), the flag is cleared. This means the mailbox will not be checked again until the flag is reset. This happens when either a message is saved in the mailbox or a message is sent to/from the mailbox. At that point, if the mailbox size is more than 50% of the Prohibit Send quota, then the flag is reset and the mailbox will be checked during the next time slice of the QuotaNotificationSchedule.

To resolve this issue, install the following update rollup package:
KB 2608646  Description of Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1

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