apart from vmware what other virtulisation products are there?

apart from vmware what other virtulisation products are there?
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:

Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Oracle Virtualbox 4.0

Parallels Desktop 4 for Windows

You've also got Xen, and Citrix Xen, Oracle KVM.

What Hypervisor are you after type 1 or type 2? (bare metal = type 1)

VMware Workstation is a Type 2 Hypervisor, other Type 2 Hypervisors include, VMware Server 2, VMware Player 3.0, Virtualbox 4.0, and Parallels.

Type 2 Hypervisors are SLOW.  In most reviews and experience, they perform at roughly 30-40% hardware capability.  That means an OS in a VM run off VMWare Workstation will likely perform at best like it has an 800 MHz CPU if you have 2 GHz physical CPU. You install Type 2 hypervisors onto of an existing host operating system.

If you use a Type 1 Hypervisor, you get MUCH better performance. ESX, ESXi, are all Type 1 hypervisors - they (based on experience and reviews) typically get 80-90% hardware capability - so that same VM run off the same 2 GHz CPU should operate more like it has a 1.6 GHz CPU instead of 800 Mhz. Type 1 hypervisors are installed on the bare metal of the server.

Type 1 Hypervisors also include Hyper-V.

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If your looking for something corporate then you could try Hyper-V from microsoft. Part of server 2008

In addition to hardware virtualization (VMware, Hyper-V, VirtualBox), there are also OS virtualization products such as Parallels Vituozzo Containers (http://wwwmparallels.com/products/pvc/ ), which can deliver greater density and performance compared to hypervisors doing hardware virtualization. Solaris also Containers which is OS virtualization, and you can run hundreds to even thousands of linux VMs on IBM z series mainframes. (http://www.vm.ibm.com )

 i would like to get your focus on virtualization products .....including vmware and where it stands on a thin line..
and give example of each one ..
there are different virtualization products :
for different products :
1.fullvirtualization products : hyper -v server 3.0
2.paravirtualization products: xen
3.hybrid virtualization products : kvm

also some specific virtualization ....scenatios exits :
1.data center virtualization .: your vmware line .. hyper -v flavours with mgmt solutions
2.networkvirtualization. : cisco nexus 1000 xxx
3.application Virtualization .:ms  app-V ...

storage virtualization, and  more like Ibm power virtualization ... and list is

your question is as abstract as my answer :

it clear depends on
wheather you want to go for :
1.private cloud
2.public cloud
4.just server virtualization
5.just os virtualization
6.just IBMs power virtualization
7.just application virtualization
8.storage virtualization
 just test out type1 and type 2 hypervisor .....

tip : chossing the hypervisor what ever it may be hybrid ,type 1,type2  for production systems must be done with mnimum selection criteria ...itsa long term inverstment ...it should gel with your operating environment . and applications that you possess for mangment and storage .

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