teradata version of SQL Server UniqueIdentifier

I am trying to convert a table created in SQL Server database into Teradata but ran into wall. I am not sure what teradata uses for uniqueIdentifiers. Here is the create table syntex for SQL Server.

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[ContactBase](
 [ContactId] [uniqueidentifier] NOT NULL,
 [DefaultPriceLevelId] [uniqueidentifier] NULL)

Any ideas
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Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
I agree. Note: UNIQUEIDENTIFIER is 36 characters total in length, four of which are hyphens. The part I am unsure of is actually creating the UID values. I have not seen an equivalent of NEWID() or the like. I have seen a suggestion from what appeared to be a Teradata employee, working with developers, that indicated a unique identifier value could be created from the combination of TIMESTAMP, CLOCK (I am guessing TIME or DATE?), and SESSION. From looking at the manuals, these are integer values; therefore, I suspect the unique identifier here is more representative of the function of UNIQUEIDENTIFIER in SQL Server versus the form. In other words, you can formulate an id that is guaranteed to be unique; however, it may not take the same form as NEWID() in SQL. Might be worth a try, though, and then you can store as TempDBA suggested in a VARCHAR column.
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