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I'm using a server 2003 and the client is XP SP3. I've set the active desktop to enabled and set the wallpaper unc path to a network path and allowed read & execute permissions to the bmp image file.

However, nothing changes on the client machine. I have done a gpupdate, rebooted the machine, and done a gpresult and can see that the policy is being applied, but still nothing.
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You should be able to check to see if the policy is being applied by using Group Policy Management Console (free to download and use if not using it already).  There's a component that allows you to poll the computer and the user session to determine which GPO's and settings were applied.  That' would be your first step.

Wallpaper is a user GPO. Are you sure that is applied to correct user?. Maybe you can try modifying registry to change your wallpaper. This link may help you: http://www.grouppolicy.biz/2011/03/best-practice-using-group-policy-to-configure-desktop-wallpaper-background/


mlongoh: I have used GPMC and verified it has been applied to the correct OU.

Drashiel: I am trying to apply it to the computer OU.

I meant that you can use the Group Policy Results feature (at the bottom of the tree listed in the left hand pane) to confirm that it's been applied successfully to the workstation.  It's easy to - there's a wizard that steps you through entering in the PC name and userID and giving you the GPO results.  In there you can confirm if the GPO applied the last time the user logged on.

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