How long dees it take to test a 2 gig stick of DDR3

Im using the microsoft memory tester.
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I'd feel a lot better about the results from a memtest86+ run...

But regardless, I'd run three passes of whatever test you're running.  The logic is if it finds errors on one pass and not the other, a third pass should clarify errors vs false positives.  This also helps pinpoint intermittent errors.  As WayneATaylor said previously, yes--as long as the test has finished at least a full pass, an hour or whatever length of time it's taken would be fine.
Unless you stop it, the MS memory test will continue to run test passes forever.

It will show any failures as it runs.

fcekAuthor Commented:

So is one hour per 2 gig stick enough?
Yes plenty normally as long as it's mamnaged to perform as least one or two full passes.  


as andy says, i also use always memtest from a bootable cd - it's no good practice to test ram that you are using in windows - best download ubcd  to run it :
and i use it also for 3 complete passes - but in difficult cases, it may be needed to run for days
a pass can take over an hour on 2 Gb stick, depending on it's speed      
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