Error Retrieving the Licence management List

Relates to Windows Essential Business Server

Have checked SLSVC permission and all look ok

Obviously not allowing new users to login as cannot assign them a license, happy to work a work around to assign CAL and allow two new users to login.
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esrgroupConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Isolated the issue someone has been stopping the SQL server service on the server. We had restarted server which then started the SQL service and the EBS management console worked perfectly for two days after which the SQL server service stopped.
Review thorugh logs and one of the internal users had stopped the service which then killed EBS database.
Obi WanFixerUpperCommented:
Have you ensured you have enough CALS and the server its installed on can access the internet ?

esrgroupAuthor Commented:
Yeah had enough CAL's seems to be a server related issue as once server restarted we were able to assign CAL to user. Maybe a service / database connection issue?
esrgroupAuthor Commented:
Resolved the solution ourselves.
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