Need to migrate from a pc to a mac - need to move the firefox profile and can not find the path in finder

EE y et al,

I am new to the Mac world and i have to move the Firefox profile from a pc to a iMac Pro Laptop.  I have been reading the hints and suggestions on the different forms, but there seems to be something different with this system that i am working on.  I know if i can find the right Firefox directory in Finder, all i have to do is move the pc profile over, but for some reason i can not see any of the files related to the Firefox app - i have already enable Finder to display hidden files, but i can still can not see ~/Applications.

The system is using Mac OS X Version 10.7.2

Any suggestions?

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RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAsked:
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i believe this page will answer all of your questions about FF profiles.

RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Hello Andyagonist,

Yep, i have been to these sites several times during my journey and i have completed the tasks listed.  the problem is that I do not know the OS X command line set enough to copy the 'pc profile' into the Mac profile shell that i created.

In addition and for some reason, Finder does not show me the '~/Library' directory which would allow me to drag and drop the 'pc profile' - i have been running around in circles with this one.  if i did not know better, i would say that i am fighting a permissions problem as all of the internet suggestions seem to make this sound like a very straight forward process.

So, here is what i have.
  o I have a USB Memory Stick inserted into the iMac Pro.
  o On that USB stick is the Firefox profile folder.
  o I can use the OSX Mac Terminal screen and drill down to the correct Firefox directory that contains the original Mac FireFox profile.

I do not know how to:
  o Figure out how to mount the USB stick.
  o How to copy a file from the USB stick to the Firefox profile directory

I think that pretty much sums up the situation... I have given up on getting Finder to act like what the internet suggestions are displaying.

Any suggestions?

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wow...this is one of those times when i wish i knew more about Mac.  i actually can not help you at this level.  i have extensive experience with FF profiles in a PC environment.
RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
No worries and thank you very much for jumping in... i think i have a clue as to my next path... 

it has some of the answers that i am looking for... now i am reverse engineering the steps to see if they apply and so far they do.  

Cheers and again thank you for your suggestions...

Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Just a short note .. the ~ character is used in the commandline as a shotcut to the users HOME folder for example
~/Library = /Users/USERNAME/Library     (where USERNAME is the currently logged in user)
The command indicated when run in a window will target the relevant folder.
On OSX there are 2 Library folders one at the root /Library which contains system-wide settings or preferences that apply to ALL users.  The 2nd Library folder is inside your user Home folder
I've done this before, a few months ago with Thunderbird, when my Windows PC crashed due to a blown capacitor and IC on the motherboard.  There were some differences between the Windows and Mac Copies, but it worked well enough for the short time I had to do without my main system.

The thing to do is to start the Terminal in /Applications/Utilities/Terminal

Then copy the files through the command line.

You shouldn't have to run anything to mount the USB stick on the Mac, they should mount automatically.

When the disk mounts, it appears under the folder /Volumes/[DISKNAME]/.  (DISKNAME = whatever you named your external USB disk.  It could just be untitled.  I foreget what the default name is.)

If you had copied your Mozilla Firefox folder to the root of the USB stick so that it appears as /Volumes/[DISKNAME]/Firefox/, then you can just copy the entire folder with "cp -r"

cp -r /Volumes/[DISKNAME]/Firefox/  ~/Library/Mozilla/Firefox

It's best to copy the Firefox Folder so that you also get the underlying Profiles folder and the profiles.ini file the tells Firefox which exact profile you're using.

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Sigurdur ArmannssonDesigner Commented:
When you have the USB mounted you should be able to:

Select the profile folder on the stick.
Copy. Edit>Copy or Command + C

Finder menu: Go. Hold down the Alt key to add the ~/Library folder to the Menu (Lion hides Library from the normal user).

Then go down the paths that you found in the file:
Profile folders are in one of these locations:
~/Library/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/<profile folder>
~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/<profile folder>
The tilde character (~) refers to the current user's Home folder, so ~/Library is the /Macintosh HD/Users/<username>/Library folder.

Paste. Confirm authentication if asked with your password.

Since you have already started using the Terminal, you could also make the ~/Library visible for easier access:

Make home Library folder visible

chflags nohidden ~/Library

Or to hide it again:

chflags hidden ~/Library

Hope this helps.
RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Et al,

THANK YOU very much for all the GREAT inputs and I was able to get this done - it wasn't pretty, but I got done.

I will asset points and close this case.


RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:

Excellent job.

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